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Table of Contents

A Note on the Editing
I. The Fundamentals of Government
1. Inalienable Rights
2. Securing Rights
3. Moral Principles
4. Moral Degeneracy
5. The Sovereignty of the People
6. The Safest Depository
II. The Theory of Republican Government
7. Republican Principles
8. Majority Rule
9. Self-Government
10. Good Government
11. Governed by Reason
12. Difference of Opinion
13. Political Parties
III. The Structure of Republican Government
14. Constitutions: State and Federal
15. The Bill of Rights
16. Amending the Constitution
17. Interpreting the Constitution
18. Judicial Review
19. Separation of Powers: Federal and State
20. Against Consolidated Government
21. Separation of Powers: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial
22. Elective Government
23. The Legislative Branch
24. The Legislators
25. The Executive Branch
26. Presidential Elections
27. The Art of Governing
28. Duties of the Executive
29. The Judicial Branch
IV. Government Policy in a Republic
30. The Justice System
31. Immigration Policy
32. Racial Policy
33. Native American Policy
34. Public Works and Public Assistance
35. Commerce and Agriculture
36. Money and Banking
37. Taxation and Fiscal Responsibility
38. The National Debt
39. Educating the People
40. Publicly Supported Education
41. Foreign Relations
42. The Rights of Nations
43. Foreign Commerce
44. Peace and War
45. Unavoidable Wars
46. A Republic at War
47. The Military and the Militia
V. Citizen Rights in a Republic
48. Civil Rights
49. Juridical Rights
50. Property Rights
51. Freedom of the Press
52. Freedom of Religion
VI. The Prospects for Self-Government
53. Duties of Citizens
54. The Spread of Self-Government
55. Revolution and Reformation
56. The Future of Democracy in America
Recommended Collections of Jefferson’s Writings
Sources for the Quotations in This Collection