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This page is dedicated to those whom I love, and especially to she, who time and time again, has proven that she loves me.

Allow me to introduce myself, and while there are only three of us in this household, my family. My name is Allan G. Hitchmoth. I am divorced, and remarried to the love of my life Kathleen. Kathleen has no "natural" children of her own, but several wonderful "X-Step" children. I have three daughters. From oldest to youngest they are respectively Amy Lynne, Sarah Ann, and Christina Marie. Christina lives here with us by her own choice. A choice, by the way, that I am grateful for. ...and a choice, by the way again, that Kathleen is grateful for.

I use the term "X-Step" children only to delineate other relationships, and indicate a physical connection of acquaintance, not the bond itself. Kathleen loves them all as though they were from her. And frankly, I hold them in the highest regard myself. Her dearest are James D. Lawrence and Amanda R. Taylor. They are both incredible souls who's presence in this household is not only welcomed, but eagerly anticipated.

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