"I’m from the government, and I’m here to help (myself)"

WARNING – This essay contains language that is politically incorrect, socially unacceptable, and generally un-Christian-like. DEAL WITH IT.

Where do I begin?
The word "anger" doesn’t begin to describe my sentiments. Then again, neither can the words "sorrow", "despair", "disgust", "fear", or "disdain".

Undoubtedly there will be those who convolute the words that follow into something they are not intended to be. There are elements within our society (especially certain agencies of government) who would quickly label them as "threats" or even worse. For those of you who would engage in such misinterpretation and misrepresentation, I wholeheartedly, emphatically and unapologetically exclaim; "Fuck You!"

American society is self-destructing. Dishonesty and outright corruption are actually common-place and tolerated. There seems to be no empathy for one-another. The sentiment of "hooray for me and fuck you" seems to be gaining popularity. I must admit, it grows now even within my own heart. Now, it seems the mentality is becoming clear among every strata of our society.

Human language, being a serial form of communications, makes it difficult to express a wholistic sentiment. Never the less, I will attempt to express a variety of specifics, in order to communicate a much larger general notion.

I’ve long lost my respect for a variety of government agencies. I have however, acquired some fear of them. Not because I’ve done anything wrong or unjust, but rather because I know they have, and do on a regular basis. For example:

The F.B.I.
An organization born of malevolence, racism, and extortion. Even though they have engaged in a vast amount of over-the-top and excessive force against people suspected of criminal activity, that’s not what bothers me (as much). They have a history of abuse when it comes to contact with the general public. While the field-agents themselves seem like rather decent people, they get their marching orders and so-called intelligence from bureaucrats, prema-donnas, and political motivees. They keep information that they know is faulty just in case they can use it to pressure or coerce. Their mishandling of evidence is not only a matter of public record, but is nothing short of legendary. They have polluted, contaminated, misinterpreted, misrepresented, and mishandled evidence to a point that borders on actual contrivance and outright manufacture. If you ask most any local law-enforcement agency that has had the dubious distinction of working with them, you will hear that the experience was something less than pleasant and most are uneager to repeat the venture. I’m sure there is an actual label for the mentality among the psychiatric profession, but I can only refer to it as "Ruling Class Syndrome". They are the big-bad-mother-fuckers with the badge, and everyone else is fodder.

The B.A.T.F.
While the acronym stands for "Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms", among some circles (including mine) it means "Bastard Aryan Terrorist Force". ( do a search on "BATF" and "Good ol’ boy roundup" and you’ll see what I mean). This organization has not only been openly racist, but openly contemptuous of basic rights and the safety of American citizens. These bastards have purchased firearms in the United States, walked them across the border to Mexico, and then touted their success in tracking guns from Mexico to legitimate gun-dealers in the United States. Recently, two such guns were used to kill an American Federal Agent, Jaime Zapata, in an ambush in Mexico that was apparently sanctioned by the Mexican police. All under the auspices of "Tracing gun traffic from the U.S.". I assure you that if you arranged for the purchase of a firearm in the U.S., provided for it’s transport into Mexico, and it were used in a crime resulting in the death of a Federal Officer, you would be up for a capitol crime, and rightfully so. Yet, these bastards get cooperation from the D.O.J. to conceal their involvement, and continue the very operation in order to intentionally skew the statistics that justify their existence. All the while, Americans are being put at risk. It makes me wonder how many other "Gun Tracking Operations" they’re engaged in. Are they similarly "Tracking" guns to drug-dealers in our inner-cities? Are they "Tracking" guns to/from gang-bangers? You HAVE to know they’re "Tracking" guns to all the "Organized Crime" syndicates. Of course it’s we, the American gun-owners, that are getting the blame. This is by design, not coincidence.

Here’s a few links, of course, they may have been pulled by the time you read them:

The War on Drugs.
I’m only going to bring up one little example here. I’d like you to think about this. It’s not as hard-fact based as the aforementioned, but I think you’ll probably come to the same conclusions as I.

Look at Columbia.
I would ask you to do a little research into just how many good people we’ve lost in Columbia. D.E.A. Agents, U.S. Military, civilian advisers, etc. We send these people there, purportedly, to help the Columbian government fight the cartels. Something doesn’t make sense. Remember Manuel Noriega? We sent American Military into Panama to pursue, locate, depose, arrest, and extract a foreign ruler, bring him to the United States, charge him with crimes (never committed on U.S. soil), convict him, and imprison him, but we can’t get to the God-Damned Columbian Cartel leaders.

Columbia’s primary income is from the exportation of illicit drugs. That export is more valuable (financially) than all other exports combined. If that product were halted, it would collapse the entire economy of Columbia. Columbia is supposedly "an ally". Somehow, the drug pipeline stays open to the United States and the rest of the world (the U.S. is the largest consumer though) while good men and women are sacrificed fighting a war that the political (and ergo the intelligence) community MUST not allow to be won!

The Tuskegee experiment.
While there may be some (little) validity in the argument that bad-behaviour was the primary cause, there really can be no question that claiming to provide medical treatment for a highly communicable disease, while actually and wilfully withholding such treatment, resulting in the infections and deaths of otherwise innocent women and children (some of whom were unborn) is an absolute act of evil. Yet, our own beloved government did exactly that.

…and these are the mother-fuckers that want to control health-care…

The Wisconsin protests.
This is the beginning of the end. During the previous legislative session, the unions were brought in to "re-negotiate" due to a severe budget shortfall. Essentially, the response was "Hooray for me and fuck you". The session before that, there was a budget problem, the union was consulted, and they effectively said "Hooray for me and fuck you". One can only walk through a door and get punched in the mouth so many times before one stops going through that door. The same has essentially happened before right here in New Hampshire. The various unions seem to believe that they should never give any ground. This becomes an issue, and exposes the general attitude of most government employees.

During the worst parts of our National financial crisis, what government employee, or union representative, come out and say "look, we know that people are losing their jobs, their homes, and their families are being torn apart because of the financial burdens on the family. We know that as government employees, we are part of that burden. So, at least until things get better, we’re willing to concede on a few things, take some minor cuts, and we’ll look at things again in the future"? Nope, not one. Government employees, from the Governor, to cops, to firemen, to town clerks, to town garbage collectors, all kept the same pay while we, the tax payers, lost ground. We lost our homes. We lost our jobs. We lost our very families, and still, the government employees still expected their jobs to be secure. Well, the lousy economy has finally reached government employees. Guess what. We, the taxpayers, are going to remember your willingness to help us keep our homes. Things out here in the real world are so bad that we can’t say "Hooray for us", but we can certainly say "Fuck you". We’re not willing to take any more food off our family’s tables to keep you in your eternally secure positions. Deal with it. Your unions have negotiated away the incomes of American taxpayers and had the force of law with which to do it (with the help of the corrupt politicians your unions have propped up). Your unions have actually taken our hard earned dollars, and then, by proxy, collected it’s dues (even from non-union government employees who are forced to pay dues), and then used that money to support (with billions of dollars Nationally) political candidates who represent their own best interests and not that of the American people. That’s right, I make the distinction between government employees and the American people. All of you, from teachers, to selectmen, to cops, to firemen, to garbage collectors, have all forgotten that it’s your job to preserve and protect OUR way of life, it NOT our job to protect yours!

Government employees, at EVERY level, have adopted the notion that "public servant" means that the public is your servant. We’re not. We’re tired of your attitude. We’re not fodder for your whim. We’re broke. We’re tired. We’re fed up, and unless we get some relief from supporting you, we’ll consider you the enemy and treat you that way.

While I’ve stated the previous in first and second person, the intent is more to express, what I believe, is to come. There is a deep division coming in our society. Government can no longer be trusted. If it could, it would clean it’s own house. It has no desire to do so. At some level, those who are the worst offenders are beyond the reach of law (FBI, BATF, Legislators, Union officials, etc). Ultimately, the inescapable result is a complete lack of confidence in our system of justice. This is the most dangerous notion one could ever entertain. What I see growing is a deeper and deeper division between government and the people; each, mistrusting the other more and more. Human nature being what it is, mistrust leads to animosity. Animosity leads to unfortunate action. While certain government employees may be able to get away with perpetrating harm, communicating threats, and generally being damned dangerous nasty pieces of work, the American citizen, while not being authorized to get away with it, has the same capacity.

"Sympathy strikes" will spread and expand. Ultimately, there may very well be the need to place National Guard in the police and fire stations, and contracted private citizens will fill-in for teachers. Massive lay-offs of government employees will all but evacuate state and municipal offices and formerly unemployed individuals will rush to fill in the administrative, clerical, and technical voids within the structure, and do so for the simple cost of subsistence. This will cut the wounds of division even deeper and, because of the union mentality, will result in a variety of violent acts. These acts, I assure you, will not go unanswered. Again, even deeper division.

How it will end?
This will snowball. This will get much worse. Government is untrustworthy and malevolent. The unions are untrustworthy and malevolent. The American people, therefore, unwilling and unable to bring themselves to trust the obviously malevolent forces that have been brought to bear against them, will become dangerous to the extreme. This is not a warning or a threat. This is simply an understanding of what history has taught us about human nature. The unions will never back down and benevolently negotiate, even if it’s to help save society, the government employee will never acquiesce to being as expendable as they consider the general public to be, and the general public, tired of being considered expendable, will attempt to find justice outside the system. The division, and therefore the injustice, will invariably escalate to outright violence. It will progress to a point where the citizen will perceive justice, if it can be found at all, as something that can only be found in dark parking garages, alleys, and the reticles of rifle scopes.

The inescapable conclusion is this; nobody wins. Our Republic is all but gone now. Decisions made long ago, and actions initiated long ago, as well as those fervently engaged in now by the corrupt and malevolent segments of our government, have locked us onto this course. We are too far down the path to turn back. I’m grateful that the better part of my life has been lived. I don’t have as long to grieve the loss of my Country as do my children. I grieve for the suffering I know will be imposed upon them. The end has begun.

This Great Republic of ours, will end in ashes.

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