Black Diaper Babies…. They’re here to stay!

June 19th, 2016 by Allan Hitchmoth

From the late 50’s on, there were, from Communist countries, immigrants who came here with the specific intent of spreading Communism. The particular methodology was to come here as couples, have a child (who would then be a “Natural Born Citizen”), raise that child with Communist values and ideology, and thereby impact the ideology of those around them. These “Natural Born Citizens” of Communist parents were referred to as “Red Diaper Babies”. Communist flags are predominantly red, and red is the color that has become associated with Communism.

Contrary to popular notion, Muslims have always been allowed to immigrate into the United States. When Islamic terrorism began to rise noticeably ( in the 1970s) there were already such immigrants in the United States. More would come, and a small percentage of them, retaining loyalty to radical philosophies, would come here to have children who would be “Natural Born Citizens”, but raised to be loyal to the radicalist ideals. They, much like their “Red Diaper” counterparts before them, would impact the idiologies and actions of those within their respective sphere of influence. Because the flag of Jihad and ISIS are black, I refer to these people as “Black Diaper Babies”, and their parents have (obviously) been coming here since well before Obama!

Omar Mateen was one such baby. His father has been connected to terrorist organizations and supported the Taliban. His mother, by our standards and law, could be called abusive. He was undoubtably raised to reflect the philosophies of his father. He was, as they say, a ticking time-bomb. He simply could not possibly have become a different person. He did what his fathers’ “handlers” wanted. Whether there was direct communication between Seddique (father) and Taliban is unknown, and most likely, will never be revealed to the general public, but there can be no question as to the motivation. The philosophy of terrorism permeated the household, and Omar breathed it in.

Ther are THOUSANDS of such “Black Diaper Babies” in the United States today. There will be more. Many many more…..

…and we should expect nothing from our political “leaders”, whatever their party affiliation….

“Red Diaper Bably” David Horowitz

An interesting perspective read on events since the re-birth of Israel (although it doesn’t go into anything prior, of which there are considerable events)…/pages/fro…/shows/target/etc/modern.html

One list of terrorist attacks since around 1968

Enhanced Interrogation Techniques and Torture: Morality vs Reality

December 13th, 2014 by Allan Hitchmoth


Alright, I admit it, I’m no expert in information extraction. In fact, I had a hell of a time just trying to find out where my first wife spent all our money. I still don’t know, and probably never will.

My philosophies and opinions are, of course, those of a simple backwoods hillbilly with no more experience in the intelligence community than the average street-sweeper, and you need to keep that in mind as I expound upon my, admittedly, unpopular opinions.

First of all, I don’t believe that "the ends justifies the means". A simple translation of that would be that as long as you get the desired result, any method is justified. Obviously, this would be a morally bankrupt and perverse way of looking at things. Rather, what I do believe, is that the means of the enemy is what justifies our own means.

Even in our own domestic "peace-time" civil code, one has the right to self-defense. Essentially, an unlawful assault warrants a response of force sufficient to halt the assault. In other words, the mathematics require a superior amount of force and violence to that of the original wrongful assault.

I ask myself, "what would I be willing to do if, for example, someone kidnapped my wife, and I had one of the perpetrators securely in my custody?" What about my children; my grandchildren? Truthfully, the answer to that question is something that makes even me cringe. Getting them back in good health is, of course, the goal, or "the ends" to which the aforementioned cliche refers, but the fact that they were forcibly taken, and the reality of what awaits them should I not retrieve them in short order; that’s the condition that would justify me taking the perpetrator apart piece-by-piece with a melon-baller until I had the necessary information. (…and no, I was not being "figurative").

What if someone kidnapped a different relative; a friend; or for that mater, what about a stranger? What would I do to find, for example, a container of innocent people who are the victims of human trafficking? Then I ask myself, "what would I be willing to do in order to prevent an innocent person from being beheaded by some evil son-of-a-bitch?" Unfortunately, I end up in the same place as the aforementioned scenarios. It’s not the "retrieval" or "recovery" of those people that justify my means, but the horrific condition and inhumane treatment visited upon the victims by their captors that justify the equally (if not greater) inhumane treatment of the perpetrator(s) to prevent further injustice by way of such inhumane treatment of the victim(s).

It’s easy to sit in the warmth of our living rooms, in the comfort of our sofas, our bellies nicely filled with our favorite fare and our drinking-hands occupied with whatever libation suits our fancy, and vomit forth our disdain for the poor treatment of enemy personnel while in the custody of our military and intelligence agencies. What’s difficult is to personalize it and keep the same values. What if it were YOUR closest loved ones who were in immediate immanent danger, and were suffering at the hands of some band of evil bastards? What would YOU be willing to do in order to spare them their fate of unbearable torment? Would you be willing to perform the unthinkable to recover your loved ones from the unspeakable?

No, it’s not a comforting thing to think about. Nothing about it is pleasant. Maybe the admission makes me a sociopath, or a psychopath, or some other kind of "path". Or maybe the only difference between me and the rest of America is that I’m willing to admit it.

No, I don’t condone torture, and I’m not comfortable with so-called "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques", but I have no choice but to accept it’s viability and even necessity, at least in some circumstances.

My question then isn’t whether or not it’s acceptable, but rather, how do we define the constraints and conditions under which it is acceptable? I believe that to be a more appropriate discussion. At least it’s more intellectually honest than the holier-than-thou bullshit I currently hear being regurgitated with such annoying regularity.

May God Have Mercy on us all.

BEARLY a day goes by!

May 24th, 2014 by Allan Hitchmoth

(keep in mind that these are security camera videos…. quality varies depending on lighting and such…)

I met this little guy three years ago when he was still with momma. At the time, he came about halfway up my calf. Remembering a Disney children’s movie, I named him “Smallish Bear”.

You can see the actual date and time in the upper left of the video…

He comes around on a regular basis and he really is a beautiful little thing.

Backyard, frontyard, any time of the day or night….

I erected a chain-link fence pen, in which we place our trash bins. This is in an effort, usually successful, to dissuade “Smallish Bear” from getting into trouble.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a “Biggish Bear” that has begun to habit the property. The lawn gnome in the following video comes up to the very top of my knee, and I am 6 feet tall…

This particular bear, came around without us seeing it in real time. My wife was cooking a late dinner of steak-tips, and had the door open for ventilation. This guy, sniffed (apparently) at the door, and strolled by.

(there’s a bit of a pause in the middle of this video…. If you don’t see a second camera angle, than you didn’t see all of it)

“Smallish Bear” came around again, just the other night.

Last night, actually, very early this morning, my wife told me she heard something outside. Assuming it was “Smallish Bear”, I grabbed a flashlight and looked out the window.

…NOT “Smallish Bear”!!!!!!

I elected the better part of valor, and hollered and pounded on the window from the safety of my bedside….. I saw him scamper off, but didn’t realize until later this morning, that he was only waiting to be sure the noise had stopped before moseying across the backyard and out into the woods.

Since this morning is “Garbage Pickup Day” (a private service provided by a long-time town resident), my wife and I now have a different philosophy, and a newly established procedure, for bringing the bin down to the road.

A 12-gage is always such a comforting accessory!


The Greatest Threat to the American

October 5th, 2013 by Allan Hitchmoth

As I write this, the Federal Government is operating under shutdown. Under these conditions, the people who caused this are still employed, but there are a great many Americans who are not.

There seems to be a common theme:

Projects that have been previously funded are shut down.

Open-air historical sites are shut down, despite the fact that they have spent more money to close them and station security than it would take to keep them open.

Privately owned and operated facilities and tourist attractions are shut down, despite the fact that they are revenue-positive for the Federal Government.

Campgrounds in National Forests and Parks are shut down, despite the fact that they are revenue-neutral for the Federal Government.

Revenue-neutral medical and health-care facilities are shut down.

The list goes on……

If these things are revenue-neutral or even revenue-positive, why then, are they shut down due to funding arguments? The answer is simple. Consider the statements of one security official at one of these many sites. He reports that he was actually told to make things as unpleasant for visitors as possible!

In other words, the administration (and I am not referring only to the President) is having a hissy-fit because they’re not getting what they want, and the only thing they can think of is to make things hard on American Citizens until someone, or something gives.

Stop and ponder that for a moment. The government isn’t getting what it wants, so it will punish the people. There is no financial legitimacy to all of it’s actions, yet it still engages, and in fact instructs it’s personnel, to make life hard for Citizens!

Is that sinking in? The government mentality is to punish it’s people when it doesn’t get what it wants. This is a tactic worthy of Mussolini. Benito would be proud of such methods. So would Stalin, and Hitler. Remember that mind-set! Never forget that they’re willing to cause unnecessary hardship for the American People just because they’re unhappy with the limitations of their power. These are the BASTARDS that are now in charge of your health-care!

Big government attracts evil of this magnitude. This is why our government was designed to be small and un-intrusive. This is what the Constitution was supposed to prevent. Yet, the overwhelming majority of Americans believe that the Federal Government is the entity that should solve all the problems, rather than the individual States, Counties, Towns, and individuals. When we abandon those principles of limited government, we are destined for laws that are so complicated that nobody can fully comply. We are destined for corruption in our government that rivals the most abysmal third-world dictatorship. We are destined to suffer solutions that are far worse than the problems they purport to address. Simply because fools have put criminals into positions of power, and then trust them to handle every aspect of personal life, we are destined for social collapse, and invariably, wide-spread civil unrest.

This unrest will snow-ball. It will escalate. Push will literally come to shove, it will come to blows, shots will be fired, and people will die. The animosity will grow and fester. No law or program or hardware confiscation will avoid it.

If the demons in D.C. were the one’s that had to suffer the dangers, this problem would not exist. Rather, they will send their minions to do their bidding. So far, those who have been charged with the responsibility of keeping Americans out of the American places have conducted themselves with restraint. In fact, several who have been stationed on these closed places have made statements to the visitors that they will not interfere or impede the visitations. They, at least, have decided that they will not perpetrate injustice against innocent Americans, unlike their superiors!

It wouldn’t take much, under these circumstances, for things to go over the line. This is a dangerous game the government is playing. They are showing their true nature as frustrated tyrants. They are not motivated by what’s right, but rather by what they can get away with, and they believe they can get away with harming hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of innocent Americans because of their delusions of entitlement to rule.

They’re all in violation of their oath to “Support and defend the Constitution of the United States”, and as such, are traitors. They are willfully engaging in tactics that would make Mussolini proud, and they should all suffer his fate.

They have abrogated their responsibilities. They have become more of a threat to the general public than the evils they are SWORN to defend us from. They engage in willful assault of the American People. They are literally engaging in terrorist tactics; extorting more and more power and control over us. It’s all they know. It’s all we can expect. As long as we do nothing to strip them of their power. It’s all we deserve.


Respect will motivate someone to take a bullet for you. Fear will compel them to send you one.

December 25th, 2012 by Allan Hitchmoth

NOTE: I haven’t been able to bring myself to put anything in the blog for a long time. I just can’t seem to find the worth in doing so. I put this thing up just so I could vent, knowing that it wasn’t read by anyone… I’m not insulted at that, it’s just the way it is. I write solely to address my own frustrations. My own.. nobody elses. This will most-likely be my last entry. I’m simply no longer interested in putting my words in a place where they are even available to anyone else. My wife, my kids, my grand-kids, and a few friends and relatives are the only one’s I can bring myself to give-a-shit about. The rest of the planet can, quite frankly, go fuck itself.

It’s a simple concept. It’s human nature. This should not be hard to understand. Yet, our society is hell bent on overt displays of outright contempt. Every aspect and facet of our society seems to adopt an "Us and Them" mentality. I’m not talking about "good-guys versus "bad-guys", here. The bad-guys are simply going to do everything they can to be bad-guys regardless of the rest of us. What I’m talking about is the mind-set of good-guys in fear; decent people who simply can’t bring themselves to trust anyone.

I hear it from people all over the place. I hear it from people when I travel places for work. I overhear it in conversations at restaurants, I hear it from family members, friends, and pretty much everywhere I go I hear, or overhear, the same sentiment. There’s simply no one left to trust.

I tried to teach my kids that there are two parts to trust. The fist is intent, and the second is judgment. If someone has good intent but make bad decisions, they can’t really be trusted. If someone has ill-intent, but good judgment, obviously, they can’t be trusted either. I always told them; "If you want me to trust you, be trustworthy. If you want me to respect you, be respectable." Neither quality, it seems, are actively pursued in contemporary society.

Most of all, anyone associated with government employment is mistrusted to an extreme. Not necessarily because they’re willfully malicious, but simply because they’re government. As things get tougher and tougher in our society, these misgivings will grow. For example, I have become convinced that the vast majority of our federal legislators are traitors, and deserve a traitors fate. As evidence of this, I submit only the latest example of the so-called "Small-Arms Treaty" of the U.N. Regardless of one’s position on the philosophy of the treaty (being a form of global gun-control), the truth is that it over-rides and supersedes our Constitution. Only 67 votes in the Senate are required. No action on the part of the House is needed, and in fact, the House has no say whatsoever. Only the 67 votes in the Senate. Recent events will compel these traitors to vote in favor of a treaty that will surrender our own right to make our own law. If not treason, this is still sedition against the Constitution. …as if that matters to anyone…

Obviously, these people can not be "trusted". The aforementioned treaty is just an example of their lack of trustworthiness..

What about our local officials? Have the unions so clouded the minds of the state employees that all they can see is their own short-term interests? From street-sweepers to the Governors office, there is a contempt of the general public. There is a sort of "Ruling Class" mentality that almost relegates the basic population to the status of children who need to be supervised and restrained, and only the government-class can properly execute the duties of the guardian. This isn’t just on a local, county, or state level. This is a mind-set that transcends mere party lines, state borders, and sociopolitical strata. What’s worse, is the almost fanatic embrace by the populace of the governments claim to such a role, and the authority that goes with it. No problem, it seems, is outside the scope of government to solve; no problem too large, no problem too small. I learned a long time ago that the more someone tries to get you to trust them, the less they usually deserve it.

I’ve known and do know a variety of government-types at all levels and I can say from first hand experience that the aforementioned philosophy is not, I repeat NOT universal. Unfortunately, dissension from it is far too rare. I’m quite sure that I haven’t met all the good-guys in government positions, but it seems like trusting any of them is just too much of a risk.

Trust is difficult to gain, easy to lose, and damned near impossible to re-acquire. I have, it seems, succumbed to the cynicism I’ve found so distasteful in others. I simply can’t bring myself to trust. It’s not just the government-types I mistrust, but the uninformed, uncaring, self-righteous, intellectually shallow morons who put them there. I mistrust not just those for whom we vote, but also those they appoint, those who are hired by those who are appointed, the pricks who decide for whom it is we get to vote, and the poor ignorant slobs who vote for them.

No, there’s no conspiracy. It’s not the fault of the Illuminati, nor the Masons, There’s something far more insidious at work here. There is a force that is irresistible, undeniable, unstoppable, and inescapable. History has proven that this one factor, this one force, is the most destructive the planet has ever seen. This one force is responsible for the collapse of every benevolent society and without exception has worked diligently behind-the-scenes to eliminate all freedom for all people. It is also the force that compels me to so deeply mistrust. Human nature. The simple quality that makes us all ignore history, and therefore condemns us to relive it over and over again; nothing more; nothing less. Just human nature. We need neither conspiracy nor conspirator. We simply divide ourselves into two groups; rulers and subjects. …and it sure seems like the rulers are anxious this time…

A financial collapse would benefit those in positions of authority, and subjugate the rest of us. This time, with the global economy literally at stake, the "need" for "keeping order" will be greater than at any time before in history. The measures by which that order will be kept will be coordinated world-wide by necessity. There need not be a "New World Order" or "World Government". Those in authority will act in concert for no more complex reason than the simple fact that it is just their nature. No communication or coordination is necessary. A fascist in D.C. thinks the same way a fascist in Beijing, or a fascist in Baghdad, or a fascist in Tehran, or for that matter, the fascists of the U.N. It’s just their nature.

Republicans and Democrats, as well as self-proclaimed Independents, and other minor parties, have all had a hand in our current national and global economic predicament. Currently, there are a variety of "proposals" to solve the problems of debt and deficit. Yet, none of the numbers add up. There simply isn’t one that addresses the root causes of our recession/depression or whatever you want to call it. Nor are there any serious plans to address the root causes of violence and crime, social malaise, and general amorality. Justice, it seems, has become something to be imposed by authorities, rather than observed and respected as a matter of course in our daily activities. Humans are now motivated not by what is right, but rather by what one can "get away with". How then, can a society expect anything else from its so-called "leaders"? How then, can a society produce anybody worth a vote? How then, when injustice becomes the norm, when amorality becomes legally imposed, when responsibility is shunned, can anything resembling justice continue to survive at all? In truth, it can’t.

Those of us who believe in justice, who believe in what’s right, and genuinely try, albeit feebly, to live within the guidelines of ethic and morality, must simply die off. There can be no room for such out-of-place and unwanted values in a society that is destined to be "ruled", rather than "governed". We simply must die off, and there is no shortage of people in authority willing to assist us in doing so. There’s also no shortage of mindless masses who are more than happy to see us go away. We’re in it alone. It’s just too damned dangerous to trust anyone outside our immediate circles. Mistrust is the beginning of fear. I’ve never caused harm out of anger, but fear is a different story. I know I can no longer trust, and I’ve begun to fear…

I honestly pray for all people of good conscience who have made the decision to be motivated by what’s right, rather than what they can get a way with. I pray for the peace and safety of those who still strive, and will continue to strive to live a just life, and will ultimately be condemned by others.

The republic has run its’ course. Human nature is what it is and history is about to march around full-circle and meet us square in the ass as it has so many times before. "We" are now the enemy. "We" are now a threat. "We" are about to be considered enemies of the State. Never mind keeping your powder dry. There’s nobody left who deserves our trust, and that means there’s nobody left worth fighting for. They’ll be coming for that powder soon anyway…

Life after Herman Cain: I wonder how much trouble I’m going to be in for writing this….

December 3rd, 2011 by Allan Hitchmoth

Well, it’s official. Herman Cain is no longer pursuing candidacy for President of The United States. With that, the man whom I still believe to be the best man for the job, is simply no longer an option. Now what?

I was impressed with the man early on after listening to him. Prior to that, I simply had no idea who to take seriously and endorse. I then had the privilege of actually meeting the man, shaking his hand, exchanging a few words, and listening to him as he spoke to a very small crowd (by political campaign standards) of potential supporters. He pretty much won over all of us. My brother Jack, my brother-in-law Harold, my wife Kat, and I were there together, and we all felt similarly. One of the many impressive things about Mr. Cain is that when he shakes your hand, he actually draws you in, steps in, and creates an almost private zone in which to converse. One feels as though one is shaking hands with a Statesman, not a politician (note the difference in case).

Regardless, he is no longer part of the pool. Who now, then?

Well, being the cantankerous, despicable, ignorant back-woods New Hampshire hillbilly that I am, I have a few criteria. Criteria that most find unreasonable, unrealistic, and downright foolish. Here’s one that nobody likes.

If they already hold an office, they should stay in it unless they’re in a legally-imposed last-term. Governors, for instance; have an incredible influence on how things are done at the Federal level. If we fill Congress with genuine conservatives, but the Governors are all still a pack of communists, they’ll intentionally bankrupt their respective States in order to bring their will to bear on the Federal Government. If we have good conservatives in the Governors’ offices, they can push back on Federal B.S. Nope. I’m not going to support someone who is acceptably performing in a current office; Governor, Senator, or dog-catcher. This is a numbers game and if you’re already in place, stay there.

Here’s another of the criteria:

After watching what has been done to people like Sarah Palin, and Herman Cain, my candidate has to have a mean streak. That’s right; A MEAN streak. He or she must simply be willing to destroy the enemy. Once an enemy exposes himself by willful slander, or other acts of deception, that enemy should then be devastated. That means that a candidate must already have nasty people in their camp, and be willing to use them.

…and here’s the one that may get me on yet another “list”…

If they don’t have sufficient political experience, they better have NO political experience. That’s right; NONE! Why? I figure that if we could eliminate every damned “Politician” from the beltway, and randomly select people off the street (and I don’t mean Pennsylvania Ave, or Wall Street) to replace them, we would most likely end up with a Congress and Administration of similar or higher intellect, and CERTAINLY of much higher ethic and moral fiber. Rather than mix-mastering the playbook at will to suit their whim, they’d have no choice but to refer to the manual…

If they have political experience, they had better have a LOT of it. They have to have enough “insider” knowledge so they can’t claim that they “didn’t know how bad things really are”, or they “are still learning the ropes of Washington”, or that “things work a little differently in Washington”, or “I wasn’t aware of (pick your favorite escape-clause)”.

Nope, that crap won’t fly. Whoever gets the nod had damned well better remember a few things;

Anger is never a justifiable reason to cause harm, but reasonable fear is. Right now, Americans are running scared. Oh, it may manifest itself occasionally as anger. After all, when one is faced with the prospect of continued unjust harm, it tends to piss one off just a few moments after the initial realization of immanent danger causes the fear. Make no mistake, beneath the expressions of anger is genuine, gut wrenching, nightmare invoking, cold-sweat inducing fear. We are in fear of what may come if our government’s course isn’t changed immediately, and radically. We are in fear of those who have “authority” over us, because we don’t know who’s side they’ll come down on. Americans are simply in fear.

So, in my twisted little mind it seems I now have very little choice. Since the loss of Herman Cain, I’m now in the position of selecting not the person I believe in, but, once again, the lesser of the evils. Whoever gets the nomination had better remember my last point above. If they don’t instinctively understand it, they should simply go home now and pull the covers over their heads.

Oh, there are two more criteria that are non-negotiable:

  1. They must be willing to flatly state that they will NEVER abandon or surrender Israel.
  2. They can’t be a Rino from the first communist state in the Union.

Sorry Newt. Right now, it looks like you’re it. Remember the above-stated admonition.

Have a nice day…


Forget gold. Invest in cash?

August 15th, 2011 by Allan Hitchmoth

A friend of mine sent around the following link to an article written by Mr. Peter Baxter.

The Case for a Rising Yield Winter

Among the various concepts he presents in this article is the notion that, at some near point, corporations, small companies, and even individuals will be better served by keeping a large quantity of cash on hand. The arguments he presents are compelling. This article is definitely worth reading, despite the apparent superstitions pertaining to the Mayan calendar. (one must read rather carefully in order to not come up with the wrong idea)

The comments that follow are not the comments of an economist; not of a successful business man; not of a banker; not even one of a political intellectual. These are the comments of a simple man; an underemployed American struggling to get by; a modest New Hampshire hill-billy desperately trying to figure out just what the hell happened…

While not being a particularly well-educated man, in my 55 years on the planet I’ve still managed to learn a few things. What I’ve learned in regards to history and basic money-theory (I refuse to call it "economics”) makes me agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Baxter when it comes to the basic devaluation of Treasuries and stocks. I can say with absolute certainty that MY "confidence" in, not just our "economy”, but also (if not especially) those "in charge" of the respective economic systems, has been shattered over the years.

Our National debt has been a topic of conversation for decades (that I’m aware of) even though it has not always actually existed as true debt. The term "deficit”, as it pertains to our own Federal Budget, has, up until relatively recently (the last 5 or so years) been used as a point of humor! It was so little taken seriously that the "joke" about politicians being irresponsible was actually perceived as nothing more than humorous hyperbole. In fact, that very exaggeration of the political irresponsibility was what made those jokes humorous.

Unfortunately, the real joke was on us… we the taxpayers. Not only have we begun to understand something about our "economy" and its’ interrelation to fiscal government function, but we’ve come to realize that our notion of political irresponsibility was not only NOT hyperbole, but was actually gross underestimation. The smoke and mirrors routine continues, Remember, this last hotly debated budget was for fiscal year 2011, NOT 2012. The federal budget, by the way, is due in October of the preceding year. In October of 2010, the House, Senate, and Oval Orifice were under control of the same party. They COULD have passed a budget without equivocation, but REFUSED to do so. They had MONTHS before the newly elected House members were seated.

The "Other Party”, however, shares equally in the blame. Decades have gone by while that party has done nothing but cooperate with overspending, and REFUSED to expose connections to corrupt Wall Street organizations, and corrupt lawmakers (remember, as much as we like to hate Wall Street, it’s Washington that makes the rules Wall Street has to follow… AND THEY ACTUALLY DO!!! That’s what makes them their money!). At the very least, we’re talking about guilt by complicity. I suspect however, the pollution is far greater.

Never before in history have the American people, and certainly THIS American, believed that if our entire legislature, judicial, and executive branch were to suddenly vaporize, a simple random selection of American Citizens to replace them would invariably result in a far more ethical government, and most likely, one of equal if not greater intellect. Such _IS_ the case today.

So much "CONFIDENCE" has been lost in our "leaders" ability to properly run our government that it has now become a sentiment of true disdain. Not only do we not have the "confidence" that they can fix our "economy”, we know damn right well that they won’t; whether because of stupidity, or malice, they simply won’t.

While Mr. Baxter alludes to this level of contempt for our "leaders”, I believe the flaw in his formula is that he doesn’t fully grasp the nature and depth of evil we know to be present. While I believe that it is true that having cash on hand is going to be the new rage, it will NOT last long. It can’t last long.

Moneys are traded in order to keep them valuable. Money is just the representation of value, it has no value itself. Even GOLD has value ONLY because we agree to find it valuable. Today, the actual value of gold has more to do with what can be done with it in manufacturing than anything else. In and of itself however, it has no nutritional value, will not keep one dry and warm, and will not attract water. Investing in gold is only going to work if you’re leveraging against moneys. Of course, this also means one must invest in moneys at some level, and at some time.

Our debt will be monetized. Don’t believe it? What happened to the 2 Trillion dollars released a few weeks back by the Federal Reserve? It seems to have disappeared into the political ether.

The Federal Reserve is still pumping cash into our "economy”, and using it (at least partially) to inflate the money-pool and pay some debt.

These actions de-valuate every dollar held by every American. These actions will continue. The value of cash therefore, will ultimately reach zero. By the way, don’t be surprised if what we know as the U.S. Dollar goes away. In fact, we are not using U.S. Dollars any more. They are, in fact, "Federal Reserve Notes”. At any time, the Federal Reserve can simply declare the U. S. Dollar worthless, and replace it with different currency… or NOT replace it… It is, after all, THEIR NOTE.

Cash may seem attractive in the short-term. It may be a good thing to have on-hand for a few days, to maybe a couple weeks after the inevitable "bottoming out" of our current market system, but the demonetization of the U.S. Dollar is unavoidable after that. "Cash" will have to mean something other than U.S. Dollars, and that will only work if things like the Euro are still valued (and from what it looks like now, it won’t be).

No, I think Mr. Baxter is only incorrect on that one point. Cash will NOT be a good long-term commodity. Without having "confidence" in our leaders to correct our system (in fact, they are demonstrably incapable of doing so), the only "investments" that seem viable in any way are knowledge, lead, and iron.

Then again, if Americans were still capable of investing in those three, and using all three correctly, we wouldn’t find ourselves in our current position in the first place.

The    S P E R M I N A T O R !!!

May 22nd, 2011 by Allan Hitchmoth

Just a short post.

Wondering just how bad Arnold pissed off the family, and whether or not he’ll take a limousine ride through Martha’s Vineyard…


When does "Hope" equate to "Pipe Dream"?

April 20th, 2011 by Allan Hitchmoth

When the subject matter is the future of our country.

I don’t know what came over me. Call it an epiphany, call it a moment of sanity, for all I care, you can call it a seizure. I really don’t care. I just had to do it. I had to actually go check the numbers. While the numbers make mathematical sense, the conclusion isn’t mathematical.

In order to understand the following figures, there are a few things we must go over.

The census bureau defines the available work-force as those over the age of 16. Then, they define “participants” as the available work-force minus those who are retired, students, and other voluntarily non-working, and the infirm. Then, as part of the work-force, we must apply the bureau’s figures of “employed”. Admittedly, this is a vague number. For the most part, it is those who are actively employed, or only temporarily between jobs.

The self-employed are included, as are corporate executives and even the self-made millionaires, and billionaires. If we then look at the actual incomes of all in that class, we can come up with a National average for income. These are the figures used in the chart below.

Average Income – US: $40,584.00
Paricipation rate: 65.00% (actually 64.80% I rounded UP)
Population 16 and over: 235,871,704 (65% in labor force)
Available working: 153,316,607
Employed: 60%
Total working: 91,989,964 (That figure certainly sucks!)
2010 Budget (expenditures): $3,552,000,000,000.00 (3.5 Trillion)
2010 Total revenue (from all sources, not just income tax): $2,381,000.000,000.00 (2.3 Trillion)
Deficit: $1,171,000,000,000.00 (1.1 Trillion – Scared yet?)
National Debt: $14,000,000,000,000.00 (14 Trillion)
Debt per worker: $152,190.51

Now, if the Federal Budget was $0, and no additional National Debt was incurred, this means:

The number of years each worker would have to work for NOTHING to pay off debt:


That’s 3 years and 9 months of NO INCOME WHATSOEVER!

I’d like you to keep something in mind. At the time of this writing (April 20, 2011), the politicians are all talking about the massive cuts just made to the budget. First, let’s remember that the budget they’re “working on” is for 2011. It was supposed to be completed by October of 2010. Those in control at the time simply decided to ignore their obligations and duties and dismiss the budget until the next group of folks were elected. Those “new” folks were elected in November of 2010, but weren’t seated until January of 2011! Now, we have a bunch of party politics going on to place blame on the other side of the isle. Personally, I’m convinced they’re ALL liars. Here’s what they’re not telling you, and what the media isn’t reporting.

The 2011 budget is already decided to be larger than the 2010 budget! There was (and always is) a huge “wish-list” of things that some party or executive places IN ADDITION to the budget. In this case, President Obama and his cronies came up with the wish-list. It’s this wish-list that gets whittled down and argued upon. It’s this wish-list that BOTH sides are referring to when they talk about “cuts”. In truth however, the budget itself HAS NO CUTS!

The Democrats are blaming the Republicans for making “Draconian” cuts that are too deep. They do this so they can appeal to the Democrat voters who are foolish enough to believe them, and get pissed off at the Republicans, thereby garnering Democrat votes. Yet, there ARE NO REAL CUTS!

The Republicans are taking CREDIT for the “deep” cuts so they can appeal to the Republican voters by making those voters pissed off at the Democrats, and of course, garner Republican votes. Yet, there ARE NO REAL CUTS!

What we are witnessing is pure political slight-of-hand, a real show of smoke-and-mirrors. They’re all a bunch of liars and TRAITORS who care little about the Country, and even less about the American way of life. They’re in it for the control and the power.

If you look at the numbers (which I have only retrieved and presented in a convenient format) it should become quite clear. It matters little who you vote for. Oh, one party may get us there a little quicker than the other, perhaps not, but the end-game is inescapable. Throughout history, governments have resorted to the same methods. Once an economy fails, it becomes necessary for everyone to work, but payment for such services becomes a financial impossibility. Yet, there is never a shortage of workers; workers who are coerced or even forced into labor just to be allowed the privilege of subsistence. We are, after all, officially classed as “…resources of the State.”

This economy will fail. The numbers don’t lie. We have been sold into slavery. We are soon to be slaves, our children will be slaves, our grandchildren will be slaves, and their children will be slaves. There is no “unless”… There is no escape at this point. This economy will fail, and our Grand Presidente keeps spouting sound-bites like “…we should be more like China…”

Yes, mine Fuhrer… we will be….


"I’m from the government, and I’m here to help (myself)"

February 23rd, 2011 by Allan Hitchmoth

WARNING – This essay contains language that is politically incorrect, socially unacceptable, and generally un-Christian-like. DEAL WITH IT.

Where do I begin?
The word "anger" doesn’t begin to describe my sentiments. Then again, neither can the words "sorrow", "despair", "disgust", "fear", or "disdain".

Undoubtedly there will be those who convolute the words that follow into something they are not intended to be. There are elements within our society (especially certain agencies of government) who would quickly label them as "threats" or even worse. For those of you who would engage in such misinterpretation and misrepresentation, I wholeheartedly, emphatically and unapologetically exclaim; "Fuck You!"

American society is self-destructing. Dishonesty and outright corruption are actually common-place and tolerated. There seems to be no empathy for one-another. The sentiment of "hooray for me and fuck you" seems to be gaining popularity. I must admit, it grows now even within my own heart. Now, it seems the mentality is becoming clear among every strata of our society.

Human language, being a serial form of communications, makes it difficult to express a wholistic sentiment. Never the less, I will attempt to express a variety of specifics, in order to communicate a much larger general notion.

I’ve long lost my respect for a variety of government agencies. I have however, acquired some fear of them. Not because I’ve done anything wrong or unjust, but rather because I know they have, and do on a regular basis. For example:

The F.B.I.
An organization born of malevolence, racism, and extortion. Even though they have engaged in a vast amount of over-the-top and excessive force against people suspected of criminal activity, that’s not what bothers me (as much). They have a history of abuse when it comes to contact with the general public. While the field-agents themselves seem like rather decent people, they get their marching orders and so-called intelligence from bureaucrats, prema-donnas, and political motivees. They keep information that they know is faulty just in case they can use it to pressure or coerce. Their mishandling of evidence is not only a matter of public record, but is nothing short of legendary. They have polluted, contaminated, misinterpreted, misrepresented, and mishandled evidence to a point that borders on actual contrivance and outright manufacture. If you ask most any local law-enforcement agency that has had the dubious distinction of working with them, you will hear that the experience was something less than pleasant and most are uneager to repeat the venture. I’m sure there is an actual label for the mentality among the psychiatric profession, but I can only refer to it as "Ruling Class Syndrome". They are the big-bad-mother-fuckers with the badge, and everyone else is fodder.

The B.A.T.F.
While the acronym stands for "Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms", among some circles (including mine) it means "Bastard Aryan Terrorist Force". ( do a search on "BATF" and "Good ol’ boy roundup" and you’ll see what I mean). This organization has not only been openly racist, but openly contemptuous of basic rights and the safety of American citizens. These bastards have purchased firearms in the United States, walked them across the border to Mexico, and then touted their success in tracking guns from Mexico to legitimate gun-dealers in the United States. Recently, two such guns were used to kill an American Federal Agent, Jaime Zapata, in an ambush in Mexico that was apparently sanctioned by the Mexican police. All under the auspices of "Tracing gun traffic from the U.S.". I assure you that if you arranged for the purchase of a firearm in the U.S., provided for it’s transport into Mexico, and it were used in a crime resulting in the death of a Federal Officer, you would be up for a capitol crime, and rightfully so. Yet, these bastards get cooperation from the D.O.J. to conceal their involvement, and continue the very operation in order to intentionally skew the statistics that justify their existence. All the while, Americans are being put at risk. It makes me wonder how many other "Gun Tracking Operations" they’re engaged in. Are they similarly "Tracking" guns to drug-dealers in our inner-cities? Are they "Tracking" guns to/from gang-bangers? You HAVE to know they’re "Tracking" guns to all the "Organized Crime" syndicates. Of course it’s we, the American gun-owners, that are getting the blame. This is by design, not coincidence.

Here’s a few links, of course, they may have been pulled by the time you read them:

The War on Drugs.
I’m only going to bring up one little example here. I’d like you to think about this. It’s not as hard-fact based as the aforementioned, but I think you’ll probably come to the same conclusions as I.

Look at Columbia.
I would ask you to do a little research into just how many good people we’ve lost in Columbia. D.E.A. Agents, U.S. Military, civilian advisers, etc. We send these people there, purportedly, to help the Columbian government fight the cartels. Something doesn’t make sense. Remember Manuel Noriega? We sent American Military into Panama to pursue, locate, depose, arrest, and extract a foreign ruler, bring him to the United States, charge him with crimes (never committed on U.S. soil), convict him, and imprison him, but we can’t get to the God-Damned Columbian Cartel leaders.

Columbia’s primary income is from the exportation of illicit drugs. That export is more valuable (financially) than all other exports combined. If that product were halted, it would collapse the entire economy of Columbia. Columbia is supposedly "an ally". Somehow, the drug pipeline stays open to the United States and the rest of the world (the U.S. is the largest consumer though) while good men and women are sacrificed fighting a war that the political (and ergo the intelligence) community MUST not allow to be won!

The Tuskegee experiment.
While there may be some (little) validity in the argument that bad-behaviour was the primary cause, there really can be no question that claiming to provide medical treatment for a highly communicable disease, while actually and wilfully withholding such treatment, resulting in the infections and deaths of otherwise innocent women and children (some of whom were unborn) is an absolute act of evil. Yet, our own beloved government did exactly that.

…and these are the mother-fuckers that want to control health-care…

The Wisconsin protests.
This is the beginning of the end. During the previous legislative session, the unions were brought in to "re-negotiate" due to a severe budget shortfall. Essentially, the response was "Hooray for me and fuck you". The session before that, there was a budget problem, the union was consulted, and they effectively said "Hooray for me and fuck you". One can only walk through a door and get punched in the mouth so many times before one stops going through that door. The same has essentially happened before right here in New Hampshire. The various unions seem to believe that they should never give any ground. This becomes an issue, and exposes the general attitude of most government employees.

During the worst parts of our National financial crisis, what government employee, or union representative, come out and say "look, we know that people are losing their jobs, their homes, and their families are being torn apart because of the financial burdens on the family. We know that as government employees, we are part of that burden. So, at least until things get better, we’re willing to concede on a few things, take some minor cuts, and we’ll look at things again in the future"? Nope, not one. Government employees, from the Governor, to cops, to firemen, to town clerks, to town garbage collectors, all kept the same pay while we, the tax payers, lost ground. We lost our homes. We lost our jobs. We lost our very families, and still, the government employees still expected their jobs to be secure. Well, the lousy economy has finally reached government employees. Guess what. We, the taxpayers, are going to remember your willingness to help us keep our homes. Things out here in the real world are so bad that we can’t say "Hooray for us", but we can certainly say "Fuck you". We’re not willing to take any more food off our family’s tables to keep you in your eternally secure positions. Deal with it. Your unions have negotiated away the incomes of American taxpayers and had the force of law with which to do it (with the help of the corrupt politicians your unions have propped up). Your unions have actually taken our hard earned dollars, and then, by proxy, collected it’s dues (even from non-union government employees who are forced to pay dues), and then used that money to support (with billions of dollars Nationally) political candidates who represent their own best interests and not that of the American people. That’s right, I make the distinction between government employees and the American people. All of you, from teachers, to selectmen, to cops, to firemen, to garbage collectors, have all forgotten that it’s your job to preserve and protect OUR way of life, it NOT our job to protect yours!

Government employees, at EVERY level, have adopted the notion that "public servant" means that the public is your servant. We’re not. We’re tired of your attitude. We’re not fodder for your whim. We’re broke. We’re tired. We’re fed up, and unless we get some relief from supporting you, we’ll consider you the enemy and treat you that way.

While I’ve stated the previous in first and second person, the intent is more to express, what I believe, is to come. There is a deep division coming in our society. Government can no longer be trusted. If it could, it would clean it’s own house. It has no desire to do so. At some level, those who are the worst offenders are beyond the reach of law (FBI, BATF, Legislators, Union officials, etc). Ultimately, the inescapable result is a complete lack of confidence in our system of justice. This is the most dangerous notion one could ever entertain. What I see growing is a deeper and deeper division between government and the people; each, mistrusting the other more and more. Human nature being what it is, mistrust leads to animosity. Animosity leads to unfortunate action. While certain government employees may be able to get away with perpetrating harm, communicating threats, and generally being damned dangerous nasty pieces of work, the American citizen, while not being authorized to get away with it, has the same capacity.

"Sympathy strikes" will spread and expand. Ultimately, there may very well be the need to place National Guard in the police and fire stations, and contracted private citizens will fill-in for teachers. Massive lay-offs of government employees will all but evacuate state and municipal offices and formerly unemployed individuals will rush to fill in the administrative, clerical, and technical voids within the structure, and do so for the simple cost of subsistence. This will cut the wounds of division even deeper and, because of the union mentality, will result in a variety of violent acts. These acts, I assure you, will not go unanswered. Again, even deeper division.

How it will end?
This will snowball. This will get much worse. Government is untrustworthy and malevolent. The unions are untrustworthy and malevolent. The American people, therefore, unwilling and unable to bring themselves to trust the obviously malevolent forces that have been brought to bear against them, will become dangerous to the extreme. This is not a warning or a threat. This is simply an understanding of what history has taught us about human nature. The unions will never back down and benevolently negotiate, even if it’s to help save society, the government employee will never acquiesce to being as expendable as they consider the general public to be, and the general public, tired of being considered expendable, will attempt to find justice outside the system. The division, and therefore the injustice, will invariably escalate to outright violence. It will progress to a point where the citizen will perceive justice, if it can be found at all, as something that can only be found in dark parking garages, alleys, and the reticles of rifle scopes.

The inescapable conclusion is this; nobody wins. Our Republic is all but gone now. Decisions made long ago, and actions initiated long ago, as well as those fervently engaged in now by the corrupt and malevolent segments of our government, have locked us onto this course. We are too far down the path to turn back. I’m grateful that the better part of my life has been lived. I don’t have as long to grieve the loss of my Country as do my children. I grieve for the suffering I know will be imposed upon them. The end has begun.

This Great Republic of ours, will end in ashes.